Frequently asked questions from our customers.

Are RED Winches customer focused...


Our whole business has been built on supplying what the customer needs at a price that is fair to the performance you receive.

This involves a few basics

  • Listening to the needs and wishes of our customers to deliver customer focused solutions and products
  • Ensuring the products we deliver are to the higest possible standards we can achieve
  • Reacting in good time when a customer requests help or advice

Do we charge VAT or Tax

Yes & No......

How we tax you in the UK, EU and the rest of the world is:

  • In the UK all products sold will have VAT added at the rate ruling at the time of purchase, currently 20%
  • All countries in the European Union (EU) will be charged VAT / TAX at the UK rate of 20% unless you provide a VAT number from your country
  • If you are within the European Union (EU) and can provide a valid VAT / TAX number we will not apply any tax to your purchase
  • Any countries outside of the UK and EU will not be charged any tax on their purchases